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Snow Coloured Scandi Slip Wash Armchair
Slip Wash Sofa Set in Living Room
Scandinavian Slip Wash Sofa Set With Natural Light
Scandi Slip Wash Armchair
Scandi Slip Wash Armchair For Family Homes
Scandi Slip Wash Armchair Different Colours
Strong Timber Frame Supporting The Scandi Slip Wash Armchair
Scandi Slip Wash Armchair with Timber Frame
Slip Wash Armchair With Dunlop Foam
Slip Wash Armchair Elastic Webbing For Extra Durability
Clean & Spacious Look with Scandi Sofa Set with Natural Rug
Scandi Slip Wash Armchair

Scandi Slip Wash Armchair


Features & Specs:

5-year warranty.

Delivered in 8 - 12 weeks | Proudly Australian made.
Dimensions: 65cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 78cm (H).
Product image colour: Snow

Colours: Snow, Marshmallow, Fog, Surf, Cloud, Paloma, Orchid, Flan, Gravel, Whisper, Java, String, Navajo, Antique, Glacier, Angora, Peyote, Flint, Drizzle, Smoke.

Zepel Fabrics: The MONTEREY Collection is a lightweight natural linen look fabric made from linen and polyester. This collection is suitable for upholstery and soft furnishing applications, domestic or contract.

Scandinavian style is trending more than ever in Australia because of its functionality, sleek lines and eye-catching designs. Perfect for your living room or nook space, this Nordic style armchair will make every day feel like a holiday.

Rest easy when choosing your colour as the neutral tone options will complement any side table, window frame, or toy box. The padded edges make cuddles with the kids a family friendly affair, and an easily removable slip wash cover helps maintain a clean look and fresh vibe all year round.

Why we love Slip Wash designs:

  • Never sink too far in this solid timber frame with Italian elastic webbing support system.
  • Stay endlessly comfortable thanks to Australian crushed Dunlop foam filling.
  • Made with cool, quick dry linen fabric for those hot days.
  • Stay clean and fresh with easily removable and washable slip cover and pillowcases made from a linen blend by Zepel Fabrics.
  • Cuddle up to your fibre filled loose cushion for extra comfort.
  • Feel timeless with Scandinavian design that will never go out style.
Care Instructions:
  • Avoid direct sunlight, external walls, heaters, and sharp objects.
  • Treat spills and stains as soon as possible.
  • Vacuum with low suction weekly.
  • Wash in gentle cycle under 40C with natural washing agent.
  • Line dry only.
  • Please note: Pilling will naturally occur over time.
  • Learn more about the fabric here

View all care instructions here

Snow Coloured Scandi Slip Wash Armchair

Scandi Slip Wash Armchair