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Sample Scandi Marble Bedside Table with Natural Timber Frame
Sample Scandi Marble Bedside Table with Natural Timber Frame

Sample Scandi Marble Bedside Table with Natural Timber Frame


Features & Specs:

Volakas White with Black Frame: 8 available 

Nero with Black Frame: In Stock:  2 available 

Campaign image colour: Volakas White

Dimensions: 50cm (W) x 40cm (D) x 50cm (H)
Timber Frame Colour Options: Natural, walnut, and black.

Wake up every morning in style.

Scandinavian style believes in good looks and functionality, creating designs that can fit into any room, big or small. Our square Scandi Marble Bedside Table with Timber Frame does just that.

Its traditional bedside design combined with Scandi charm utilises a lower shelf within its solid hardwood timber frame to offer extra display room whilst optimising extra storage space.

Place your reading book, water glass and lamp on top, rest your phone on the timber frame above your slippers sitting neatly underneath for an organised and clutter free aesthetic.

Boasting multiple marble colour and timber frame options, this side table doesn't have to stay in the bedroom. Choose Luxe Grey Marble on black timber framing to draw attention to family photos or artwork by your entryway.

Use Volakas White marble and natural timber frame as a beautiful plant holder in your outdoor entertaining area. Or perhaps place a Pastel Pink Marble on a natural timber frame in your bathroom as a makeup stand to create a sensual sense of beauty and lightness.

Whatever you choose, our Scandi Marble Bedside Table Marble with Timber Frame will inject a great natural and elegant feel into your home.

Why we love marble & timber bedside tables:

  • Put it in any room you desire with its gentle lines and square cut.
  • Perfect for extra food and drink display when entertaining guests.
  • Remain timeless with its Scandi charm and modern design.
  • Showcase your personality with multiple marble and timber frame colour options.
  • Long lasting durability with solid marble top supported by a solid hardwood timber frame.
  • Great for modern styled interiors seeking sophistication and raw elegance.
  • Save time with easy to clean and care for solid marble top.
  • Easily store and organise household items whilst maintaining an open aesthetic.

Volakas Marble is our staple choice as we believe it has the best marble characteristics on the market. Its absolute crisp white with natural gradient lines add individual charm and character to each piece.


Nero Marquina (Black) Marble has been extracted from the hills of Markina, Basque Country in the North of Spain. This fine and compact black grain with white veins will only grow in character as time goes on.

Care Instructions:

All Harpers Project marble products are double-coated with the latest food-grade marble and stone sealer that ensures easy care and protection against stains.

For extra protection purchase our 500ml Food-Grade Marble Protective Coating Sealer.

The Finer Details section below for more information.

Sample Scandi Marble Bedside Table with Natural Timber Frame

Sample Scandi Marble Bedside Table with Natural Timber Frame