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Marble Top Side Table With Metal Frame

Marble Top Side Table With Metal Frame

Marble Top Side Table With Metal Frame


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Features & Specs:

12-month warranty.
Delivered in 8-10 weeks*
*12-14 weeks lead time is required for all marbles (except Volakas White) due to custom cuttings.
Dimensions: 42cm (L) x 42cm (W) x 45cm (H)

Metal Frame Colour Options: Black, & White.

Wake up next to something beautiful every morning with our Marble Top Side Table with Metal Frame.

Scandinavian style believes in good looks and functionality, creating designs that can fit into any room, big or small. And our square side table does just that. Thanks to its sleek square design, our Marble Top Side Table can fit into even the tightest corners in the smallest rooms.

Its sleek open frame provides extra storage room whilst creating a sense of extra space, whilst its marble border will stop any nasty spills hitting your floor. Place your reading book and lamp on top, and slippers underneath for an organised and clutter free aesthetic.

Boasting multiple marble colours and metal frame options, this side table doesn't have to stay in the bedroom. Choose Luxe Grey Marble on black timber framing to draw attention to family photos or artwork by your entryway.

Or perhaps place a Pastel Pink Marble on a white metal frame in your bathroom as a makeup stand to create a feminine overtone of beauty and lightness.

Whatever you choose, our marble side table will inject a great natural and elegant feel into your home. As our Scandinavian inspired mantra says, Buy once. Buy well.

Why we choose marble top metal frame side tables:

  • Its sleek lines and square cut will fit in any room.
  • Creates extra display space when entertaining guests.
  • Remain timeless with its Scandi charm and modern design.
  • Long lasting durability with natural solid materials.
  • Great for industrial and modern styled interiors seeking sophistication and raw elegance.
  • Save time with easy to clean and care for materials.
  • Easily store and organise household items whilst maintaining an open aesthetic.

Marble Colour Options:

Volakas Marble is our staple choice as we believe it has the best marble characteristics on the market. Its absolute crisp white with natural gradient lines add individual charm and character to each piece.

Carrara Marble is quarried in the city of Carrara in the Lunigiana the northernmost tip of modern-day Tuscany, Italy. It's known for its white or blue-grey colouring in high-quality grades and is one of the most used marbles worldwide due to its timeless beauty.

Calacatta Marble is one of Italy's most premium stone types. Known for its white core and natural bold veins, it's a bonafide high-end quality marble that can stand out in any room.

Green with Envy Marble is sourced from across Europe. Light mineral lines showcase its green tones, which create beautiful Earthy statement pieces within the home.

Earth Neutral Marble is one of our favourite tones for 2019. Drawing upon European stone architecture, our Earth tone marble fits perfectly into a modern, minimal and neutral palette.

Nero Marquina (Black) Marble has been extracted from the hills of Markina, Basque Country in the North of Spain. This fine and compact black grain with white veins will only grow in character as time goes on.

Luxe Grey Marble whispers sophistication and elegance. Its natural gradient and mineral tones are light and crisp, making its core grey pop. This marble is the perfect choice for those seeking to create a luxe style vibe.

Pastel Pink Marble adds colour and feminine charm to any interior space. We've spent countless hours ensuring this marble holds its calming natural Earth tones to compliment the beauty in life.

Care Instructions:

All Harpers Project marble products are double-coated with the latest food-grade marble and stone sealer that ensures easy care and protection against stains.

For extra protection purchase our 500ml Food-Grade Marble Protective Coating Sealer.

Read The Finer Details section below for more information.


  • The Marble

    Our tops are sourced from 100% natural stone from Europe called Volaskas Marble. Unlike Carrara Volaskas is known for its crisp white tones and subtle shades of grey. All of our marble tops are finely polished and finished with a bullnose edge.

  • The Timber

    Our handcrafted frames are constructed from one of the most natural eco friendly timbers in the world called rubberwood. Not only is it a solid hardwood but also produced in eco friendly plantations. All of our frames are coated in a natural finish to protect it from everyday stains but maintain its raw appearance.

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