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Please note: This coating comes already applied as a standard added protection on all of our current marble range.

One of the most common questions we are asked about marble is does it stain when food and drink is spilt on it?

The answer is yes it can. Just like most natural materials marble is porous in nature. While overall it is a lot more versatile than people think it is something you need to be mindful of.

We have spent years developing a way to aid in overall protection for everyday use in the instances a spill does occur.

Our marble protective coating is easy to apply and provides that extra element of confidence you need when housing marble or stone in your home.

Watch the product in action below. We think it speaks for it self


The coating is applied by evenly spraying your marble and using a soft paint brush to distribute it across your surface area and then letting it set for 3 hours. You then reapply the spray a second time in the exact same way and let it set for another 3 hours. To ensure the product has been applied effectively test a small area with water. The water should sit on top of the stone and not sink in meaning your application has been successful. If the water sinks in don't worry it wont harm your marble and will dry out. When applied correctly the stone will not change in its appearance

For optimum results treat your marble every 2-3 months with the same method.

Each bottle is 500ml. Approx 100cm DIA area requires 50ml of spray per coating.

Instructions will also be provided with your bottle

* Please note while the product is effective it is crucial you water test before using the surface area to ensure you have applied the spray correctly, you also need to ensure you upkeep your stone and check it to ensure you are reapplying the spray when required. We are not held liable for stone that stains. The product should be treated as a aided protection, its not 100% protection. For any questions or concerns please email us so we can talk you through the product.


  • The Marble

    Our tops are sourced from 100% natural stone from Europe called Volaskas Marble. Unlike Carrara Volaskas is known for its crisp white tones and subtle shades of grey. All of our marble tops are finely polished and finished with a bullnose edge.

  • The Timber

    Our handcrafted frames are constructed from one of the most natural eco friendly timbers in the world called rubberwood. Not only is it a solid hardwood but also produced in eco friendly plantations. All of our frames are coated in a natural finish to protect it from everyday stains but maintain its raw appearance.

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