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Get This Prague Chair Designed by Josef Hoffman
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811 Bentwood Dining Chairs  Available in White, Black & Natural.
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Light & Long-Lasting Bentwood Dining Chairs  Buy Once, Buy Well

811 Bentwood Cane Dining Chair


Features & Specs:

Orders received in 8-10 weeks
Dimensions: 46cm (W) x 41cm (D) x 80cm (H)
Seat height: 46cm
Color options: Natural or Black

Get ready to lighten the ambience of your dining room with Austrian-born designer Josef Hoffman's sensational handwoven 811 Bentwood Cane Dining Armchair.

Inspired by Michael Thonet's 1840s original technique of creating a backrest and back legs from a single piece of bent beechwood. Today stylistically accurate 811 Bentwood Cane Dining Armchair design boasts the same utterly handsome and reliable structural support.

Whilst considered a traditional style due to its history, modern Bentwood designs harness the power of modern machine construction to ensure extra durability and time-tested strength.

One can see why the fresh and modern looks of the 811 armchairs are still sought after today. Bentwood designs showcase the fine detail and skill that go into creating each piece so you can follow our Scandi-inspired mantra, buy once, buy well.

Why we love Bentwood designs:
  • Stay comfortable with this family-friendly durable design.
  • Lighten and lift any contemporary space with natural cane and white colors.
  • Enhance elegance and ease of any contemporary space with black cane color.
  • Easy to care for and clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Add history and a timeless armchair design to any space.

History of TON: In the 1840s Michael Thonet began experimenting with bending beechwood to create dining chairs. By the 1850s Thonet styles had become mainstream and the output of his TON factories became vast.

In the 1920s, TON designed and created the 811 Bentwood Cane Dining Armchair, also known as The Prague Chair. And today TONs innovative techniques and furniture designs have expanded to create bentwood stools, tables and accessories.

Get This Prague Chair Designed by Josef Hoffman

811 Bentwood Cane Dining Chair