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65cm White Round Marble Bar Stool - Natural Colour
Round Marble Kitchen Bar Stool
White Round Marble Stool As A Side Table
White Round Marble Bar Stool As Side Table Next To Grey Scandi Sofa
White Round Marble Bar Stool in Kitchen Made To Last
White Round Marble Stool With Walnut Timber Frame
White Round Marble Bar Stool - Brown Timber Frame
Round Marble Stool
Round Marble Stool
Round Marble Stool
Round Marble Stool
Round Marble Stool
Round Marble Stool
Round Marble Stool

Round Marble Stool


Features & Specs:


12-month warranty.

Volakas Marble with Natural Frame: In Stock Now Lead time 2 weeks

Carrara and Nero Marble with Natural Frame: In Stock Now

Volakas Marble with Black Frame: In Stock Now

Carrara and Nero Marble with Black Frame: In Stock Now

Volakas Marble with Walnut Frame: 9 - 10 Weeks

Carrara and Nero Marble with Walnut Frame: In Stock Now

Nero Marble Stools: In Stock Now

Campaign image: Volakas White Marble & Natural Timber.
Dimensions: 32cm (W) x 65cm (H)

Timber Frame Colour Options: Natural.

If you couldn't tell, we love Scandinavian style, and you should too. Known for its clean modern lines and simple designs, Scandi style is the perfect fit for minimalist interiors as it elevates a sophisticated air of class.

That's why we put a lot of care into making this bar stool. Our Round Marble Bar Stool has been primarily designed to complement kitchen benches, yet is versatile enough to feature as a side table outside of the kitchen.

Place a Nero Black Marble bar stool with a black timber frame next to your bathroom sink as a sundries holder for practicality and style.

However you use it, rest assured that our Round Marble Bar Stool can find a place anywhere within your home.

Why we choose timber & marble:

  • Feel confident in strength, durability and functionality with a solid marble top and timber framing.
  • Natural materials make it versatile.
  • Save time with easy to clean and care for family-friendly solid natural marble and hardwood timber frame.
  • Remain timeless with beautiful materials and simple Scandinavian design that never goes out of style.
  • Natural hues make it easy to pair with most colour palettes.
  • An environmentally friendly choice with lower carbon footprints than man-made materials.

Marble Colour Options:

Volakas Marble is our staple choice as we believe it has the best marble characteristics on the market. Its absolute crisp white with natural gradient lines add individual charm and character to each piece.

Carrara Marble is quarried in the city of Carrara in the Lunigiana the northernmost tip of modern-day Tuscany, Italy. It's known for its white or blue-grey colouring in high-quality grades and is one of the most used marbles worldwide due to its timeless beauty.

Nero Marquina (Black) Marble has been extracted from the hills of Markina, Basque Country in the North of Spain. This fine and compact black grain with white veins will only grow in character as time goes on.

Care Instructions:

All Harpers Project marble products are double-coated with the latest food-grade marble and stone sealer that ensures easy care and protection against stains.

For extra protection purchase our 500ml Food-Grade Marble Protective Coating Sealer.

The Finer Details section below for more information.

65cm White Round Marble Bar Stool - Natural Colour

Round Marble Stool