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5 Tips On How To Style Your Marble Coffee Table

5 Tips On How To Style Your Marble Coffee Table


Inspired by our marble coffee table pieces, in this article we’re going to be looking at ways to style your coffee table that keeps it both functional and stylish.

Stay simple and chic. Keep it simple by following the classic table decoration: two oversized items at either side of the counter top such as candle holders or small lamps, and one show piece in the middle such as a colourful book arrangement, statuette, or tabletop hourglass. Keep your look fresh and new by changing up the items once in a while.

Use your garden as inspiration. Align porcelain, copper, or glass vases along the table in a line, or bunch them together in the centre of the table and fill them with beautiful garden flowers for a classic, fragrant display. Keep your displays interesting by using outside-the-box items to plant your flowers, such as teapots and wicker baskets.

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Use collections. Consider your coffee table your display case to show off your favourite collection, or create a vignette with gorgeous collections of antique or fashion books, art, lamps and knick-knacks.

Let the marble coffee table speak for itself. There doesn't have to be a big production to make your table look fabulous. Instead of making a scene on the tabletop, let the furniture be the statement piece by choosing unique pieces such as Harpers Project's marble and timber coffee tables. Complete this look with a simple candle display and coasters.

Use throws. If you have a gorgeous tapestry or trendy throw, why not use it as a tablecloth? This look is the perfect way to add a splash of culture all while making an old coffee table feel trendy and fashion forward.


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