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Step Inside Lauren Bullens Bali Villa

by Harpers Project |

Lauren Bullen has a deep passion for travelling & creating imagery.

She now permanently travels the world with my partner Jack Morris from @doyoutravel creating content and discovering new places for those inspired to do the same.



She recently based her home in Bali, Indonesia and selected some of our pieces to help make her bali villa her own personal paradise. 

Answering some questions for us along the way, allowed us to connect with her and dial into her own personal style to ensure we aligned with the same vision and produced pieces that suited her project.

What inspired you to move to Bali? 

"We both had visited Bali many times and loved the place, it was one of the first places we travelled together & held a special place for us!"

How did you start the design process? 

"They already had a design mapped out and a finished product that we could walk through and use as reference and then we just showed them many pictures and ideas we had and worked together to make all the architectural changes and interior design ideas. "

"I found a lot of my ideas from our travels and various hotels and villas we stayed at around the world, the hardest part was working out what was possible here in Bali" 

What did you use as inspiration for the home? 

"I spend hours upon hours on Pinterest and home blogs sourcing inspiration, also our travels and the many accomodations we had stayed at!"

What is it like living in bali ? 

"We love living in Bali, we have a great network of friends who live here and find a lot of people travel

To Bali so we have the chance to meet a lot of friends around the world, for us the quality of living is so great & at such a good price, for example having a full time gardener and housekeeper is super affordable & a very standard practice here in Bali so we can enjoy having such a big beautiful villa with a big garden and pool that isn’t unmanageable for the two of us to upkeep. 

Also Bali has such laid back island style living with great food & so many places to explore."

What advice can you give to people redecorating their homes? 

"Stick to one style, we often had troubles with having too many ideas that’s didn’t match one another, our Villa interior has a modern industrial style and often I would be inspired by something that may have been too vintage or oriental.

I also think keeping the structural changes to be timeless and not too over the top and use furnishings to decorate so that as trends come and go so quickly you can adapt and change the aesthetic "

 What are your favourite pieces in your home? 

"This is a tricky one! We have many favourites;

I love all our coloured concrete basins from Nood co which were imported from Australia

Our sun lounges from Harpers project are incredible and we spend much time laying by the pool on these!

Also a few of the Furniture pieces we had custom build here in Bali by a company called Jezz living, our kitchen bench seats and velvet arm chairs turned out amazing, and were a completely new design inspired from images on Pinterest."

Can you recommend any places for people to visit while in bali to draw inspiration from?

"Some of the place’s we were inspired by here in Bali were; the slow hotel, mandala places (villas), a few of the cafes around Canggu and Seminyak"

 featured in this image is our timber sun lounges 

 Our leather timber dining chairs featured above 

Our tree stump and low line net chair on point in laurens bedroom 

Our fabric timber side board shown above 

Create your own bali inspired villa now