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9 Interior Styling Tips To Get The Scandi Look

by Harpers Project |


Scandinavian style is perfect for those looking to redo their entire home, or simply downsize due to the minimalist look it requires. Here we are looking at 9 tips on how to revamp your home into the perfect Scandinavian style.

1. Brighten up: Did you know in Scandinavia you may get under 5 hours of light in a single day? There's no better reason to brighten up your furniture. Incorporate white into your decor, such as by painting the bricks around your fireplace, using a modern mid-century white couch, or using artsy white accent pieces in your decor.

2. Use clean lines. Because this style is so modern, choose clean lines and square furniture to add to the general architecture of your home. Check back at our online store for chic furniture to match your Scandinavian style.

3. Clean it up. Scandinavian is a modern type of styling that focuses on minimalism and clean rooms. Clutter does not equal clean. So get out that broom and garbage pail and get cleaning!

4. Toss your blinds. Another way to keep in light and add to your new Scandinavian design is to remove your window coverings. Scandinavian styles are about being minimalist, clean, and open. Removing window coverings or simply using blinds or shutters instead of curtains will help you achieve your new style goals.

5. Choose the proper lighting. Style your home with the perfect accent lights to help your designs, Such as drop lighting, industrial style bulbs or copper wired lighting.

6. Go wood. Raw or natural wood accents is instrumental in creating that perfect Scandinavian styles. Incorporating more raw wood can easily be done with a dining table, kitchen or coffee tables, or simple raw timber flooring.

7. Pick the right colours. Scandinavian style, much like Industrial, follows a certain palette of colours. Black, white and grey are the best colours for styling Scandinavian.

8. Accent your home. Choose mid-century modern accent pieces for your space. These not only create a fun, bold graphic gallery in your home, they also add to your perfect artsy, Scandinavian styling.

9. Make that colour pop. Just because there seems to be a pre-requisite of black and white for Scandinavian style doesn't mean you should ignore a little bit of colour here and there. Especially when styling for a children's room, choose bold, modern furniture and artwork to make your room really pop.

Go on, Get Scandi 

Harpers Project xx