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Get The Palm Springs Look: 3 Easy Styling Tips

by Harpers Project |

Modern & Clean Cut Palm Springs Inspired Home With Pool

Palm Springs is all about desert modern; clean-cut home decor with great uses of colour and 1960s and 70s style homes. This is the perfect retro-modern, clean look for style lovers of all sorts. In this article we’re going to be talking about how you can achieve this look in your home by utilising your space, colours, furniture and accessories.


Palms spring styling is all about using rich desert inspired colours such as warm and sandy browns, as well as understated pastels like peach, green, gold and burnt orange. Choose brightly coloured accent pieces and pastel coloured furniture as a statement piece in your space. Any colour that makes you think of beach days and desert hikes are likely going to work for your palms spring inspired space.


White house with Palm Springs Exterior Using Pastel Pink Door



The height of Palm Springs 1970s styling was all about architecture and great usage of space. Choose clean-cut, square 60s and 70s style furniture mixed in with retro patterned fabrics and beautiful modern wood pieces. Choose brightly coloured cushions to accentuate your 60s beach feel. Harpers Project offers perfect pieces for your palm spring look, such as our paster armchairs, Scandinavian timber table and chairs, and sleek 2.5 seater couch with side cushions. Make sure your furniture is beachy, sleek, and full of colour and life.

Sleek & Beachy Palm Springs Interiors of a Living Area Looking Out To The Pool



Decorating with greenery around the house will bring in that desert appeal. Choose plants like cacti, dry grass and elegant powder blue Yucca plants. For accessories and accents, choose gorgeous white tiling for your entry way and walls. Adding white into your home styling will give off that perfect "clean", modern appeal. The vibe of your Palm Springs home should be artsy, light and fresh. Add to your boho-sleek feel by adding a personal art gallery in your entryway. Use oversized, muted pastel paintings to top off this Palm Springs look.

Desert Plants & Succulents For Interior and Exterior Design


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