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3 Interior Styling Basics For Any Home Redecoration

by Harpers Project |

Scandinavian look using light colours and natural marble table

So you've just bought a house and you can't wait to get styling and decorating. The problem? Your new home lacks the homey feel, your walls are stark and you can't seem to utilise your space. While it may look like a snap to put together a stylish room in the magazines, putting everything together in real life may be a little overwhelming.

Check back with Harpers Project for raw design and timber pieces to furnish your new home and be sure to check out our Instagram for even more decorating inspiration. In the meantime, here are three tips for your interior design style basics.


The easiest way to define your colour pallet is to ask yourself a series of questions: What colours do I actually like? Remember that you have to see this room every day, so don't choose a colour because it's trendy if you don't actually like it. What room am I decorating? Perhaps you'd love an espresso colour in your bathroom, but if the room is too small the dark colour will swallow the room and make it look even smaller. Are you following a certain style? For example, Scandinavian styling should follow a palette of white, black and greys, while shabby chic would follow soft pastels. Remember a room should follow the 60-30-10 rule (60% main colour, 30% secondary and 10% accent colour), meaning there should be at least three colours present to best complement the space.

Harpers Project Timber Kitchen Stool & Dining Chairs & Coffee Tables



In Interior Design a vignette means a collection of arrangements or displays that can be styled anywhere in your home; around the television, the mantle of a fireplace, a desk or dresser, coffee table, entryway. For this example we will choose a vintage white style vignette in an entryway. Look for raw timber entryway tables on Harpers Project to start. Hang two symmetrical pieces of art (or white mirrors) next to one another. In the centre of the table place white or ivory books on top of one another pyramid style, each smaller than the last. Set your favourite accent piece on top of the books, such as an oversized table clock, porcelain sculpture or vintage candle holder. To the left of your books add an oversized framed photo, and to the right of the books choose an antique or vintage lamp to complete the look. Remember this can be done in an array of styles. Vignettes are all about creating interest, drama and shapes in a space.


Collection of vignettes/arrangements to style, decorate and rearrange


So you haven't bought yourself a mansion; that's no reason to live small. Even with apartment living, you can make the most of each room and not feel like cramped in. For example, try building storage units under your bed. Do you have an awkward cubby under your staircase? Instead of ignoring it, create a fun colouring area for the kids by using a curtain and fun play-table, or make a fashionable place for the family dog to have a snooze. Reasonably sized storage rooms can easily be made into a pocket laundry room with stacking machines. Buy multi-functional furniture, such as a tallboy dresser that can also be used as a television stand (check back with Harpers Project for gorgeous multi-functional dressers). There's always ways to utilise space if you really look.

Harpers Project xx